What We Are

Technyde is an Indian Information technology company established in 2010. We are committed to provide creative, innovative and best quality products and services to our clients. With our technical expertise and domain knowledge, we work towards the fulfillment of our customer’s need. We follow the latest industry trends, design patterns and latest technologies to deliver better customer value. Most of our efforts are concentrated towards exploring new technologies and gaining an expertise over them. We believe in quality and put constant efforts in delivering quality products and services in time.

What We Do

We specialize in:

  • Maintenance and Migration
    • Website Maintenance
    • Application Re-engineering
    • Maintaining Legacy Applications
    • Website and Application Migration

  • Testing
    • Automation
    • Manual

Our Process

We follow a well defined software development life cycle (SDLC) which consists of following steps

Requirement Gathering







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Our Core Values

Innovation is the heart of Technyde. We constantly strive towards providing innovative ideas to our customers. Innovation is not just about new technology but also about introduction of new ideas, services, practices, and new ways to doing things. It’s about finding a better way of doing things.

We are highly committed towards achieving excellence in everything we do. Excellence in technologies, excellence in development and excellence in services. We know that to survive you need to excel from others and so we constantly raise our standards so that we are ahead of others.

Customer Focus
We value our customers and work towards their success. We believe that customer’s success is our success. Through our technical expertise, domain knowledge, dedication and hard work we constantly aim at providing better customer value.

Our Mission

  • To deliver quality and secured products on time
  • Invent solutions which are technology agnostic
  • To explore and train ourselves on new technologies

Our Vision

  • Be the best software as a service provider
  • Provide best technology innovative solutions to the world
  • Lead the future technologies

Our Team

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals. We believe in continuous learning and give our employees opportunity to learn and evolve. We give each and every employee of Technyde chance to come up with innovative ideas and speak their opinion. We believe in excellence and that’s why we hire highly qualified individuals from reputed educational institutions.